Petra Haikonen

Textile designer graduated with Fashion and Collection Design Master’s Degree at Aalto University in Helsinki
+358 40 568 3304

I am interested in generative patterns, randomness and woven structures. This is a collection of my work.

Woven Sounds / Design Exploration and Experimentation of Acoustic Curtain Fabrics
Petra Haikonen / 2016
Master of Arts Thesis – Aalto University
School of Arts, Design and Architecture – Department of Design
Fashion and Collection Design

23132 DP 41025 / Sine Wave Marble
23345 DP 41029 / Electronic Gradient

Woven Sounds is my master's thesis work about designing woven acoustic curtains. The work combines both the technical work of designing functional textiles, and the visual pattern design with the same concept of sound.

Two different sketching mediums were used: digital sound responsive computer sketching and material cymatics sketching. Played sounds generated the visuals independently through either a material medium or an algorithm capturing the essence of that particular sound. The sound concept appears in the prototype fabrics both as woven and digitally printed patterns and as structural inspirations.

Acoustic curtains presented at Innofusor's stand during Habitare Showroom 2016 in Helsinki

Generative Patterns

Combining digital visuals with textile aesthetics inspires me. I have done sketches and patterns with Processing programming language and other tools. Sketches are based on randomness, generative art and visualizing sound.

Digital textile sketch, audio responsive visualization
Digital textile sketch, audio responsive visualization
Digital textile sketch, audio responsive visualization
Random 47, woven sample
Random 102, woven sample
Voronoi Circle, print
Soundglitch, print

Woven Designs

I have done woven designs for interior, fashion and for experimental work. Some of them are produced as finished products and others are still as material inspiration samples.

Random Lines, handpainted and woven acoustic interior piece, presented in Koti ja Keittiö 9/2015 magazine

Echo, woven sample
Plastic Ocean, woven sample
Mihara woven clothing fabric. Fashion collaboration Laitinen Raasakka Sirén designed a backpack with Mihara fabric to their SS14 menswear collection shown at Festival international de mode et de photographie à Hyères in 2013.
backpack photo, Laitinen Raasakka Sirén
fashion show photo, Aleksi Nieminen

During summer 2014 I participated in Aalto University's multidisciplinary project Chemarts where we experimented with innovative cellulose materials through conceptual fashion.

The conceptual scarf is based on the natural structure of a pine tree bark. The piece is composed out of small pieces of aerocellulose, an innovative and light-weight material that has good thermal properties. The design and all the materials were made during the collaborative project with the School of Arts, Design and Architecture and the School of Chemical Technology.
editorial photos by Annikki Valomieli

Origami Jewelry

I design and produce unique embroidered necklaces and brooches with origami motifs. Ask for more information!

Seagull and Boat necklaces
Crane brooches